View Full Version : Ebay - Yashica GT

11-12-2004, 14:52
Man those black ones look nice....I just can't spring for another one...


must resist, :bang:

11-12-2004, 14:57
hey that's a darn good deal there!
If i wouldn't have three yashicas, i would go for it.

11-12-2004, 15:23
it's very cheap ! I already have a silver one that I had not yet time to use. and with winter time, occasions are less often.

Are you happy of your Yashica Pherdinand ? I bought a battery from "Yashica guy" one ebay (he was so friendly and nice by email).

11-12-2004, 15:25
i'm happy with my yashicas,yes:) Two GSN's and a black CC. I had to repair one GSN, the "pad of death" problem started to show up, but it was easy to do it... They are a joy to use.