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Gordon Coale
11-11-2004, 11:04
My collapsible Industar 50 has arrived. It's a little jewel! I will have pictures of the lens up in a day or two. Pictures through the lens a little later.

Two questions. Setting the aperture is very stiff. Any easy solutions? And the infinity lock on the tab is digging in to the vulcanite a little bit. Will a little grinding on the offending screw provide enough clearance?

11-11-2004, 11:08
Which camera body are you using? The Fed-2? I've never had a problem with the infinity lock digging in on a body.

I've got 3 I-50's.Allof the aperture seting tabs are somewhat loose. better al ttle tight than too loose. At least it will stay put.


Gordon Coale
11-11-2004, 11:22
Yes, it's a Fed-2. It isn't digging much.

11-11-2004, 11:38
Try a drop of lighter fluid (rosonol). I came across tis tip on a website but can't find it. It worked with my lens.

Gordon Coale
11-11-2004, 13:14
Jay Javier has it on his site. Just where do I put the lighter fluid? At the base of the rotating f stop ring? I wasn't clear on that part.

11-11-2004, 14:22
I second the use of "Try a drop of lighter fluid (rosonol)."

I went with the lens on a photo shot before trying it at home and found it was very stiff. I went into a small market and got some lighter fluid, I think it will be a life time supply, and I put it on the base i think. I don't have the lens in front of me but it seemed logical.

It worked well. The lens movement was better and still works very well.


11-11-2004, 15:46
How to ....'Free That Aperture'


Gordon Coale
11-12-2004, 16:54
Here is the Industar 50. I think I solved the problem with the tab digging into the vulcanite when it is in the infinity stop. I just received Joe's old FED-2 with the film advance problem. I noticed that the lens flange on Joe's old FED was sitting higher from the vulcanite than on mine. I removed the lens flange on mine and discovered there were no shims. It was measuring short and now I know why. I put the shims from Joe's FED on mine and no more digging into the vulcanite! A short term solution. I need to get some more accurate measurents and make some shims.

Gordon Coale
11-12-2004, 16:55
And open...

Gordon Coale
11-12-2004, 16:57
And with it's cute little hood...

Gordon Coale
11-12-2004, 16:59
The lens hood and lens cap, with old Leica lettering, came from Stephen Gandy's Cameraquest (http://www.cameraquest.com/index.htm). He sells them together at a discount.

Gordon Coale
11-12-2004, 17:00
Ooops! Here is the picture...

Gordon Coale
11-12-2004, 17:05
I also found a source for M39 rear lens caps and body caps. These are nice aluminum ones. Check out cre8ivtools.com (http://creativephoto.zoovy.com/category/lens_body_caps__names_.namebrandcaps.leicascrewm39/)

Gordon Coale
11-12-2004, 17:07
I love how much it retracts. It really makes the FED into a pocket camera.

11-13-2004, 09:44
nice looking lens and thanks for the link!!

Gordon Coale
11-18-2004, 22:42
The Industar-50 is a great little lens. Not bad for $17 plus shipping. The lens flange to film plane is off on the FEDs I used it on so there is a little focus problem but I'm working on that. In spite of that, this shot wasn't too bad. I'm really looking foward to getting the adjustments done because this is a wonderful lens!

John Robertson
11-19-2004, 17:48
Gordon you are sounding like a proud father, but understandibly so. enjoy the lens. I have the same set up, and its a total pleasure to use. I completed it with a Leningrad 4 meter which works really well. Best

11-20-2004, 14:40
Gordon, indeed that's a really nice looking set up and makes me think my Fed-2 needs one of those as well. Looking forward to see more from it !