View Full Version : 50/3.5 Tessar for Contax

11-09-2004, 06:28
Hmm. What do you all think about this lens?
Reasonable price or stay away? The "hazy" comment concerns me - this is the lens' third listing. He couldn't get to his reserve the other



11-09-2004, 06:38
Brian Sweeny has used Essex Camera to have lenses CLA'd with lots of success. I have looked and I think the general charge for a lens CLA is $30 I think. Not that bad. You may want to check them out, if the haze isn't that bad a CLA should help it.


Brian Sweeney
11-09-2004, 16:06
This is an uncoated lens, so it should clean up like new. My Summarit ran $80, but it is a major job as the coating is so delicate. But, a lens CLA will probably be closer to $70 than $30.

I should add that I sold one of these lenses for well over $200 a couple of years ago.

11-09-2004, 16:20
Hmm... decisions, decsions, decisions. After it's CLA'd I presume it has a standard Tessar look to the shots? Thanks for the info, I really appreciate everyone's help around here.

Have to see if he'd wait till my payday for a check....