View Full Version : "Cheap" Contax Lens...

11-08-2004, 14:05

Oh, come on, I know one of you will BIN...



11-08-2004, 14:34
Lots of money for a "decent" lens, especially one with cleaning marks.

But then again, I'm approaching it from the perspective of a "user," not a collector.

11-08-2004, 14:45
I agree with you. It just made me blink when I saw it. But then, Mr. Gandy says only 10 of them are know to exist so I suppose that makes it rather cheap to a real collector.

I'd still rather find a beat up but optically good collapsible Tessar 3.5 to use as my normal.


11-08-2004, 15:00
I read 250 of the 4.25 and 400 of the 4cm version (nearly identical lens) and relatively poor image quality compared with the excellent Sonnar, Tessar, Biogon, etc. -- didn't interest me, especially at that price!


Huck Finn
11-08-2004, 16:05
Interesting to see how much the design of the lens barrel looks like the barrels of the CV wide angle lenses.

Brian Sweeney
11-08-2004, 16:31
The Sonnar F1.5 is the lens to own, followed by the F2 Sonnar. I had a Tessar 5cm F3.5 very briefly, it went for more than $225 to a lens collector in Japan.. The Zeiss-Opton Sonnar 5cm f1.5 goes for less than that.

11-08-2004, 16:38
I do want to eventually get the 1.5 Sonnar. But I have this "thing" for the look from Tessar lenses, so that's why I want one. Missed a $100 BIN tonight by a matter of minutes, too. Not that I could afford it after blowing my budget on the "stuck mirror" but still... :D


11-09-2004, 02:28
It has to be a factor of 100 cheaper for me to even consider it. I guess that's why i will never become a camera collector:D