View Full Version : How about the Argus C-Four?

11-03-2004, 14:22
Just ran a roll through my Argus C-Four. This is a pretty nice camera, with a good rangefinder spot.

I wonder why it doesn't get the attention that the Fed gets? It's in the same class.

The attached photo was taken at the Port of Albany. I can't take photos in the CSX diesel shop anymore, so this one of a CSX train waiting on a bridge will have to do.

Jon Flanders

11-03-2004, 14:40
I always thought of the Argus C-4 as being a nicer camera than the Fed. Isn't it the C-44 that has the interchangeable lens though?

I think everyone who wants and eventually gets a Fed or a Zorki thinks of interchanging the Soviet lenses with those of a Leica or Canon. or using the bodies as a spare LTM body for a Leica or Canon. Most everyone probably gives that up after they have had some experience with them.


rick oleson
11-03-2004, 14:40
Well, of course, it doesn't accept Leica lenses. But it is a nice camera, and so is the nearly identical C44 that has its own set of interchangeable lenses made by Steinheil.....

11-03-2004, 14:55
There's a modification of C-4 that takes lenses (35mm and 100mm) made by Enna. Here's a picture taken with the 35mm f/4.5 Enna Lithagon.

rick oleson
11-03-2004, 15:24
yeah, i used to have one of those. it's called a Geiss C4.

11-03-2004, 19:18
I have a c-4(in another thread I miscalled it a c-44) that I got at a garage sale for a buck because some body had taken the lens off. I have (I think) all the parts but have been using it as a pinhole camera. the results have been ok--not the fault of the camera-- and the camera came with the original manual and a folder about the c-44 and the lenses. If any one wants these pm me and I'll send 'em.