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Gordon Coale
10-26-2004, 16:33
Before I play Ukranian Roulette again, does anyone have a good Jupiter 8 and a collapsible Industar 50? I'm looking for a clean lens. I need one of each. A black J8 would be nice but a good lens is primary. Oh, yes -- it's for Zorki, Fed, LTM.

Gordon Coale
10-27-2004, 00:32
I couldn't control myself! I won't need a Jupiter 8 since I just ordered a mint black one from Soviet Camera Store. However, I am still interested in buying a good Industar 50 collapsible if anyone has one. For a FED 2 -- LTM.

10-27-2004, 02:41
Gordon, what's the advantage of the industar over the jupiter? Just that it's collapsible, or is there more? And, how's the zorki 6 working out for you?

[The reason I as is, a shop here has a zorki 6 with an industar 50/3.5, probably collapsible, but i'd like stg faster like the J-8.)

Gordon Coale
10-27-2004, 06:31
The advantage is that it's collapsible. The Jupiter 8 would be my primary lens but the collapsible Industar would let me put the camera in my coat pocket. It just makes the camera more portable.

The Zorki isn't working out, yet. The faster shutter speeds aren't working properly and there is an inconsistent light leak. I need to try to adjust the shutter tension to see if that will help.

I just received a FED 2 and that seems to be working better so I'll use that for now and work on the Zorki as I can. The controls on the FED 2 are better laid out. The Zorki has the rewind button where FED 2 and Leica III has the shutter. It's a more comfortable location for a shutter release and I found myself using the Zorki rewind button instead of the shutter release by mistake.

I really like the FED 2.

rick oleson
10-29-2004, 07:47
Personally, I really like the f/3.5 Industar lenses. They have a sort of sharp-but-atmospheric quality that I can't quite explain but it makes for really neat pictures especially in portraits ... seen some shots of old streamlined trains shot with them, looked really neat too. The Jupiter, I think, is a sharper lens but it does not have this qulaity. Since Industars are almost free, it's definitely a lens worth having.

10-29-2004, 08:08
The advantage is it's a Tessar vs. a Sonnar design. The difference is one that is hard to describe, though Rick's comments come close. And while the Jupiter is a fine, sharp lens, I really wish that the Industar 3.5 collapsible had been made in Contax mount for the Kiev.


10-29-2004, 08:15
I echo the qualitative statments made by the others on the two lenses.

Keep in mind if you already have the Soviet camera body that the collapsible lenses sometimes have problems with the focusing tab clashing with the self-timer lever on the later bodies. Take a close look at the clearances.


rick oleson
10-29-2004, 08:30
One other caveat: If I recall correctly, the lens (or any other retractable lens) will not retract in my FED3 body. Don't know if there are other models with that problem...

Gordon Coale
10-29-2004, 10:37
I couldn't wait any longer! Thanks for the comments. I just ordered a collapsible Industar 50/3.5 from alex-photo.

John Robertson
10-30-2004, 19:03
Enjoy your Industar 50, I love mine on my Fed2, in the right conditions its one of the sharpest lenses I have ever used.

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