View Full Version : the perfect leica m7: another photoshopped camera from yours truly

02-05-2006, 22:16
i was playing around with the leica a la carte configurator, and realized that even then, i would not be able to get the perfect leica. so i photoshopped it up. i guess i like pictures of cameras more than cameras themselves, like mike johnston might.


ok...it would be an m7, because when i'm out and about, not staying in any one lighting situation in particular, it's just "smoother" to change exposure when you have aperture-priority ae. (would be nice if the meter display was like the hexar rf and zeiss ikon.) but it wouldn't be as tall. it'd be the traditional height, like the mp. that's one of the big structural differences. the other is to move the battery compartment down to the bottom and interior, like the leica cl or rollei 35. there's no room as it is, so they'd have to replace the cloth shutter mechanism with an electronic leaf blade shutter. this will help restore the self-timer function and increase flash sync speed, as well as eliminate the danger of burned shutter curtains. good dampening is fine, volume- and sound-wise.

it'd have semi-gloss black paint over brass instead of black chrome, not glossy like the mp and m6 ttl lhsa millenium blah blah whatever. the coverings would be less textured, like the mp, hexar rf, or bessas. nothing "veiny", that's for sure. and the red dot would be black. no top engravings here because i figure the only thing to look at should be the shutter speed dial and frame counter. the black dot and m7 mark on the front are enough adornment for me. no retro-style levers, too.

ok, back to wasting more time, and wasting away for the perfect leica. :D