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10-16-2004, 20:51
I am wanting to buy a Zorki 3m camera and have (I think) found a decent one for an OK price. The seller is on e**y , has a good rating, and has answered my questions well so far. This camera is not an auction. I emailed several FSU sellers and he was the only person to respond. Couple of days ago he sent me pictures of the camera. Detailed,well lit and in focus. The lens is mounted with the "tab" located just under the viewfinder window. The emgraving(or painting?) on the front of the lens is upside down. The last screw mount camera I owned didn't have the "tab" on it and I can't remember which way the s/n ,etc were(I used the camera for 35mm pinhole and didn't use the lens) oriented.
My Questions: Is it possible to mount this lens(a Jupiter 8--sorry should have mentioned this) "upside down"? Other things being equal, would this be a deal breaker for you folks? The price isn't the cheapest I've seen nor is it the most expensive. About in the middle range.
Any thoughts appreciated!

10-16-2004, 22:53
Sounds kinda strange, Rob! Dunno about Zorkis, but in the Leica world focus tabs are directly opposite side of the lens from the viewfinder window when set to infinity. Typically they rotate about 90 degrees leftward to the close-focus position. The tab is always on the lower half of the lens.

With a screw-mount lens it IS possible to have things 180 deg off, but only if the lens isn't screwed on all the way. Why someone would snap a photo with the lens half on is a puzzle... Unless there's something wrong with the screw threads of either lens or body preventing the lens going on all the way!

I'd think this would bear asking the seller about.

10-16-2004, 23:30
Thanks! I looked at the pix again and the lens seems to be focused at just a bit more than 1 meter. It is butted right up against the camera body. I also(thursday) emailed the seller about that and a couple of other questions. I tend to get a little impatient about these things. Probably I will see a response tomorrow when I check my email--again.
Any way, thanks for an answer to a silly question! I love the internet for finding all this off the wall stuff but some things like this--which would take a moment if I was holding the camera--seem to be much more complicated ! Sigh. I might have to move to somewhere that there are real camera stores:)

10-17-2004, 01:37
I just had a look at my tabbed J8 on a Zorki body. If I set it at minimum focus distance the lens tab is under the finder window at about 1:30 o'clock looking at it from a subjects POV, infinity focus sees the tab at 9 o'clock. So your lens sounds fine to me. As far as the position of the engraving goes on mine the sn# is at the bottom and the Jupiter 8 marking at the top... have a look at the bottom of the linked page below, the markings are reversed/flipped on this Z3m-J8. I donít think you have anything to worry about. Posting your picture would be more helpful for us if you still think something is not right. Good luck with your Zorki 3M, it one of the nicest Soviet RF's IMO :)


10-17-2004, 06:56
Thanks for the response. I looked at the pix again and combined with your and Dougs info, I am reassured! I'm not quite sure how to attach the photo to this post but I would need to resize it as it is now sized at 11x14 at 64 dpi--that's why I was able to zoom in ALOT to see more detail :)
Thaks again! Rob

11-03-2004, 19:29
well, I bought the 3m I asked you folks about. It shipped the 29th of Oct. Thanks to your kind answers to my questions and the prompt and informative response from the seller(Raf Camera) I took the plunge. Now the waiting begins. Next are lenses and a turret viewfinder. Then I'm done... Really... I swear... Except there's a fed3 I just came across. The picture at the web site was missing so I asked the seller--who I bought either my Agat18 or my Kiev4a from-- to send me a picture ONLY so I can see whether it's an early or late model. I can quit any time I want.:D
It's sometimes a good thing I'm single.

11-04-2004, 08:41
"I can quit any time I want."

Yeah..... me too! :D

I've just purchased two FED-3 cameras. One is a type a and the other a type b. Both appear to be in excellent condition and I hope they work as nicely as they appear. I elected to go with the 3 rather than the FED-2 because I want the slower speeds. I also want to compare the FED-3 to my Zorki-4 which feels more solid in my hands than the FED-5B.

I've been looking at the Zorki-3M as well and one day I hope to own one. I hope the one you have coming is everything you expect it to be.


11-07-2004, 04:29
I picked the Zorki because of the slow speeds and the strap lugs. I haven't seen the pictures of the Fed yet but if they look good I will probably buy it also. I think I need to buy another shelving unit:rolleyes:

11-13-2004, 09:57
YIPPEE!! the Zorki 3m arrived in todays mail! The case is pretty thrashed but the camer is very nice! a couple of chips in the paint just under the serial # The lens looks great . I mostly shoot BW print film but as with all of my "new" cameras I run a roll of slide film through just to make sure speeds are OK etc. I am getting to the age where the diopter correction is very much appreciated. And the take up spool in this camera is way better than the one in my Kiev 4a-- I dont have to cut the leader. I have coming a J11 and an Industar 22 collapsiblelens and the turret view finder. Soon as I get any good shots with this beasty I'll post em. Today is cold but sunny here but I have to go cook for a sh**load of drunk college kids(a major inter colleg rivalry football game is here this year) so I'm off to work. Hope the light is as good on Sunday. I had been carrying around the roll of film in my coat pockt for the last week while waiting on the postman
The only thing I hate about buynig the FSU cameras:bang: Oh well, when I hit the lottrey I can go pick em up in person:D

back alley
11-13-2004, 10:17
gee rob, it's a shame you have lost your enthusiasm and find it so hard to get excited about 'new' toys.
gosh, i hope that never happens to me.

;) ;) :)


11-13-2004, 10:23
Hey congrats Rob !! I bet you'll love the Z3M, for me it's simply the sweetest Soviet LTM camera out there :)

But then there's that Fed3a... oh well :rolleyes: