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01-11-2019, 05:41
Hi, I've just bought a Retina IIIc (small c), which has the interchangeable frontal piece of the lens. In a few websites it says that it's important to buy a 50mm lens with both parts (frontal and rear-attached to the camera) with matching serial numbers. So I did that, in the pictures of the camera the serial numbers matched.

But now that has arrived I found that the frontal part has a different serial number. Is that really a huge problem? Because the rest of the camera looks beautiful, and was on the cheaper part of the Retinas IIIc arround the web. The seller says he can't explain how this happened.

On the other side, if you swap this frontal part for the supplementary lenses of 35mm and 80mm, they obviously don't have a matching serial number, right? So if the Kodak AG tolerances were correct (which I'm sure they were) theoretically should be no problem. After all this is not an early soviet FED from the 30's...

Now I'm going to put some film in it to see it does it's job (although I've the proper lens to compare, obviously), to see what to do.

Any ideas?

01-11-2019, 07:39
I guess that there's a misunderstanding, a hoax —— probably it did exist already in times before the internet, but the simple fact is, AFAIK:

Does the camera in question have the bayonet for Rodenstock front element lenses, then you have to use Rodenstock. Does it have the bayonet for Schneider front element lenses, then you have to use Schneider.

01-11-2019, 07:51
Yes, it's a Schneider. After all, in all SLR, for example, you change lens constantly and without problems...

Steve M.
01-11-2019, 07:59
Yes, you change lenses on cameras easily, but not front elements. Like you, I read in the manual that you should always use the front lens w/ matching serial numbers, and there MAY be some truth to that if the factory matched the lenses together w/ shims for correct infinity focus, but you should be OK.

Did you buy it based on auction pics that showed both elements w/ matching numbers? If so, how is it that the seller sent it to you w/ different elements and claims to know nothing?