View Full Version : Leica M magazine - what happened?

12-02-2018, 20:51
There are five issues of Leica M magazine, the last one (#5) having been published in February 2016. Meanwhile, Leica S magazine is alive and well; the most recent issue of S is #10.

I am at a loss as to what happened to M magazine. A new issue has not been published for almost three years and I can find no information on why - or even if - M magazine was officially discontinued, no matter which search engine I use.

It seems that the discontinuation of M magazine is an embarrassing topic that no one wants to talk about. I would have thought that between M magazine and S magazine, M would have been a sure bet to thrive. Somehow, M magazine seems to have become the black sheep of the family, a secret that has been swept under the rug.

I don't see how M magazine would have been considered too much overlap with LFI. LFI covers everything Leica related as well as all of the Leica camera systems, which would hardly make the continued publication of M magazine redundant.

The disappearance of M magazine is baffling; if there is anyone who can shed some light on what happened, it would be greatly appreciated.

12-04-2018, 07:54
Ask Leica.

I will say that making a magazine is really expensive.