View Full Version : Konica S2 and Kiev 4a first images

10-14-2004, 15:50
Well, I got back the film and photo lab scans from the first rolls in the Konica S3 and Kiev 4a w/Jupiter 8. The good news is that the cameras seem to work as advertised, and make properly exposed images on the negatives. I'm going to scan them in on my scanner so I have a better reference on the quality of the lenses. But, so far, they look good. I didn't do any processing on the scans.

Hopefully I'll get some time to realy shoot with them while the foliage is nearing peak over the next week or so. I'll add some images to my gallery when I do.

Below is one of the images. The rest are here --> Images on web site here (http://www.giantscalerc.com/photography/index.html)

back alley
10-14-2004, 17:20
looks good!

a titch big but sharp...


10-14-2004, 17:25
Nice to see the S3 is finally in the hands of someone with the talent to use her to her potential.