View Full Version : Olympus 35 SP - focusing ring broken?

08-31-2018, 10:03
Hi everyone,
Just received an Olympus 35 SP from an eBay seller in Japan.
There seems to be many problems.

1 - the focusing ring: it goes up to infinity, but stops around 2m when trying to focus closer. See in this video:

2 - rangefinder is completely off - rangefinder patch is really really off when focusing at known distances

3 - Shutter often fail to open when pressing the release (and its bit because Im in auto modes and over/underexposibg)

4 - Shutter speeds seem very off, with a 1s speed clocking almost at 2s

4 - focusing ring is quite hard

Am I missing something here? Is there something Im not doing right? Or did I just received a completely faulty product?
I paid 60 custom charges and quite a bit in shipping too :(

08-31-2018, 12:09
I don't want to disappoint you but these are not good signs - the 'completely faulty product' is probably more likely.

08-31-2018, 21:18
Its a shame how many Japanese Ebay sellers describe the cameras very poorly. It feels like "EXC+++++++" is their lowest rating. You can often see stuff with fungus in them described as "Mint-"... This year ive bought many cameras and almost all of them had some sort of fault not described in the ad. Luckily most of them handle the problems quite well. As per Ebay policy you can return an item which is not as described, and the seller has to pay for the return shipping. Even when they say in the ad that return postage is on the buyer. Claiming back the customs is surely possible too, but i could imagine a bit slow... Here in Finland that takes about 2 months, but the online forms for that are quite simple.

Sorry, cant help with your 35SP otherwise. I would start a return process right away.