View Full Version : Taming/restraining runaway viewfinders

06-21-2018, 12:54
So I dropped my Leica Frankenfinder, for the second time. The first was at MoMA, on the marble near the back veranda. This time, it slid out of the shoe of a Fuji G690, bounced off the sidewalk, and rolled into the street.

Miraculously, aside from a little road rash (~1mm) on two more corners, nothing got broken or misaligned.

But the question remains - what is the best way to catch one of these things if it slips off the camera (for example, if you forget to screw down the lock)?

I have arrived at a lens cap keeper (cord) that clips onto the strap/lug of the camera, tied to a small black cable management clip held onto the finder with 3M mounting tape.

You have a better idea?

06-21-2018, 13:45
Is something like this helpful?


06-21-2018, 14:05
I masking tape mine on.

06-22-2018, 07:07
Is something like this helpful?


Not for a Frankenfinder on a Fuji. Lens barrel is too big.


06-22-2018, 16:22
Dante, you can get these hair ties in various lengths and I found some larger ones for my Cambo wide that go right around the bumper bars and the finder, which is somewhat larger than your needs. This really would solve your problem. I have myself used my 28mm leica finder on my GSW690 and the longer ties work.


06-22-2018, 16:51
I put some of that very fine invisible tape on the foot of a couple of mine. So far it hasn't budged and it keeps them quite snug in the shoe.

06-22-2018, 17:03

These are a rather stronger hair tie and much longer.