View Full Version : 35 SP rangefinder adjustment issue. Help?

06-03-2018, 10:42
Hey guys, Iíve been loving the tonal depth I get out of my SP shots, but Iíve struggled to get a single tack-sharp shot. Took her outside and measured exactly five feet from one of my kidís toys; sure enough, focus was off. I took out the rear screw and adjusted the horizontal alignment at the five feet mark. Perfect. Backed it up to ten feet: perfect.

BUT then I pointed it at a mountain range about 8-10 miles away, and the infinity focus didnít line up. I readjusted for infinity....but then the five and ten didnít line up. I adjusted again for the five and ten since this is the usually the range at which Iím shooting photos of my kids, but what am I missing here? I adjusted the RF on my Bessa R3A at infinity a few years back and all other focal measurements lined up after that. Could this be an age issue? Something just out of whack internally with my SP?

Thanks in advance for any input.

06-03-2018, 13:56
Hello and welcome to the forum Mikeywcu.

I can't help as I know almost nothing about almost everything, but I'm sure one of the 'right know-alls' :D will be able to help you soon.