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05-17-2018, 16:26
Recently picked up a clean looking Retina IB for $25 and advertised as "not working". I was able to inspect it in person and it seemed OK to me, dry fired just fine, so I took a chance on it.
This is the late, no rangefinder model but with the nice big brightline finder and the f2.8 lens. Shot a quick roll of Fuji Superia and everything seems fine - even the meter works and is accurate:)

05-17-2018, 16:29
Great find, Congrats. I love when that happens.


05-18-2018, 05:50
I started flight training in September 1967. A few weeks later I purchased for about $100 a Retina 1a. Throughout the next fifty years the 1a has seen countless rolls of film while documenting my career. It still has a place in my flight bag. Through the following years a Retina 11a, an M3 a couple of FSU cameras and a QL17 have joined my RF fleet. SLRs and DSLRs have come and gone but the 1a remains a favorite. The lens on the two Retinas are the best in the house......far better than the DSLR Nikon, analog Minoltas and equal to the 50mm DR Summicron on the M3.
Chris Sherlock CLAed both Retinas last year so they should be good for another fifty years!!

05-18-2018, 11:05
These Retina cameras really are something!
I had a IIIc years ago - it was pretty beat-up BUT was always sharp and dependable.

I've been skeptical of the models with no rangefinder - but this IB (Big B) has the luminous frameline viewfinder and it was no problem to guess the focus and/or use depth of field to get my shots in focus...

Love the folding door and the jewel-like precision of construction on these German-made cameras.... Seems like a "high-water" mark of Kodak cameras.

08-13-2018, 06:13
You don't need an accessory rangefinder if you are good at guessing the distance. I have the Retina Ib and IB and the finders are great in both, easy to use with eyeglasses. I never use a rangefinder with them.

01-18-2019, 18:45
Last batch of results to share this week - this time it's Tri-X from the Retina IB. (not sure why all of my previous images disappeared:()






01-18-2019, 22:18
Your Tri-X (400TX?) pics look real nice, composition and technical. How did you expose (EI) and process them?

01-19-2019, 07:12
Yep - TriX 400 - exposed at 400 and developed w/ d76