View Full Version : 35RC sloppy focus ring fix

Kevin Brown
02-11-2018, 21:32
Most owners of the Olympus 35RC have been less than thrilled with the 'loose' feel of the focus ring - it hasn't sufficient drag or damping for a good 'feel'.

Found a simple and effective cure for this in the lowly rubber band.
If one looks at where the chrome ring on the front of the lens meets the black focus ring, there is a narrow, shallow groove. If a 1mm x 1mm rubber band is tucked into this groove, it provides enough drag to tighten the feel of the focus ring. The one I used is from a bag of 500 from the 'Hair Accessories' section of my local Walgreens. The ideal elastic would be one made of silicone, but the only ones I've found so far are round in cross section, so protrude up above the surface of the focus ring. A silicone elastic will last nearly indefinitely; a common rubber band will eventually harden and crack, and will need to be replaced.

Just found the perfect silicone O-ring from oringsandmore.com - 40mm x1.5mm silicone.