View Full Version : Leicaflex dismantling?

02-07-2018, 05:57
Well, this non-working parts-missing body Leicaflex original (non-SL, unscrewable tripod-bush version) was only 5, so I thought I'd see what a Leica was like inside - I can only say incredible, absolute precision!!!
I want to remove the chassis with blinds & mirror from the case (it would be very nice to get the basic mechanics working & hear it say "click" one day), but I'm stuck at the moment. The chassis is loose in the case & should lift out (I've taken a lot of bits off), but the only obstacle is the gear at the base of the shutter/wind shaft, that overhangs the body casting and won't clear it.
Can anyone advise how to remove this gear? Viewing from underneath, it has a couple of empty holes, and I can see two steel plugs in the gear, that seem to attach a plate with a small projecting lug above, but nothing moves. Should the chromed sleeve under the gear screw off? Is the gear screwed onto the shaft, or keyed onto it, or is it all one piece? It doesn't look as though the shaft can be totally dismantled from the top and pulled out from the bottom.
Any suggestions gratefully received. Some peripheral spare parts may be available if required. No wind-lever, no speed-dial or rewind-dial, no baseplate, a few other bits missing.
Many thanks