View Full Version : MR-4 and Vinnic battery

01-22-2018, 16:08
I bought a working MR-4 and previous owner had a Vinnic L1560 battery in it. It is shaped just like the Wein replacement, says "HG Free" and is rated at 1.5V.

Online research revealed it is a 1.5V replacement for PX625...

Seller claims the meter has always been spot on for him and I compared it with my other MR-4 powered by Wein zinc-air

Both have similar readings.

For those who have used Vinnic L1560 battery, what has your experience been?

01-22-2018, 17:03
The px625 and px13 were 1.3v. The alkaline version of the 625 is 1.5v which does cause the meter to give inaccurate readings. I have 3 of the MR or MR4 meters. Two were recalibrate and converted by Quality Light Metric and were calibrated and modified to use an alkaline 625. The third one read correctly using a MR9 adapter and 1.5v better. The exact battery slips my mind at the moment.

It's possible your meter is out of calibration just enough to read properly with a 1.5v cell. If it's a 1.5v cell and the meter is adjusted to original spec it will not read correctly.

It's possible your meter has been modified and in that case it'll read properly.