View Full Version : New Behind the Scenes at Leica

Larry Cloetta
11-11-2017, 16:58
over at Luminous Landscape. I think this just went up today, and I realize it is behind a (tiny) paywall, but thought I would mention it in case anyone was interested.
Apparently 13 substantive video intervews made over a week's time by Kevin Raber at Leica HQ in Wetzlar; videos to be released on the LL site sequentially.

Sounds interesting at least to those who might be interested. The following list of upcoming videos, I have pulled from the LL site. I have no idea if Posting them here is a criminal act or not. Seems like it shouldn't be, but these days who knows. If I have sinned, please somebody delete my post, as I am too old for jail.

1 Introduction (today’s video) with Kevin Raber

2 Leica History

3 APS format Cameras with Maike Harberts

4 Optical design with Peter Karma

5 Manufacturing and assembly with Tomi Sakovitch

6 Camera Assembly with Peter Scheider

7 M- Series camera with Stephan Daniel

8 M10 with Jesko Von Oeynhausen

9 Design with Mark Shipard

10 The S-System with Toni Felsner

11 SL System with Steffen Skopp

12 Cine lenses with Rainer Hoecker

13 Interview with Dr. Andreas Kaufman

14 Wrap up – Kevin Raber