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08-22-2017, 15:54
What would be the best finder for my Conrax iia? I have looked at the Leica VIDOM and the VIOOH. Which of the two would provide the best framing for my 35 and 50mm lenses? I would like to have the parallax correction for closer views Thanks

Tim Murphy
08-22-2017, 16:24
Dear JWalker,

I can't suggest one, but I will say that you need to pay attention to the cold shoe and how it relates to the centerline of the lens. I have a Kiev 4AM and a Zorki 4 and the Russian universal finder that works on the Zorki is useless on the Kiev because the cold shoe is offset in the opposite direction.


Tim Murphy

Harrisburg, PA :)

08-22-2017, 16:45

08-22-2017, 16:54
As you care about Parallax Correction my guess is you are planning on shooting close up.

The location of the hot shoe (cold shoe, accessory shoe, ....) is different for Leica and Contax. While not that large in size, when you shoot close up it is enough to change the frame of view vs what is on your film. I don't know where the exact distance is where this becomes a problem, but a lot of it depends upon how tight you frame you image. My bet is you want it to be as accurate as you can, so I'd recommend you stay away from Leica or Canon finders. In addition to Contax (dahh) you can use Nikon finders as they have the same offset as Contax.

I can't speak to other vendors (e.g. Tewe Zoom, Kodak) which offset they were built for. I tend to frame loose and added an SLR for stuff that needed to be tight or was longer than 50mm. That worked for me pretty well, but everyone's journey is different.

I've found that finders keep their value pretty well so you might try several and keep the one that works best for you. Look at any money lost on resale as a rental fee.

Sorry I can't be more specific. Please let us know how you make out in your quest.


B2 (;->

08-22-2017, 17:00

I tend to agree. If you want a universal finder then the one above shown is about as good as it gets for a Contax given these were designed for Contax / Kiev cameras.

But there are lots of options. If you do not mind using something less authentic for Contax, in terms of its ease of use (i.e. a very clear large view - the largest and clearest I have seen in any finder) I am kind of partial to the "Turnit" finder made for Voightlander Cameras. They come in two models - the early metal one and the later plastic one. I prefer the early one. Both models have views for 35mm 50mm and 100mm and the early one at least (I have not examined the later one) has a lever at the back used to adjust for vertical parallax).



David Hughes
08-23-2017, 01:03

Exactly; they hit the nail on the head first time...

Regards, David

08-23-2017, 16:45
The Kodak Signet multiframe finder has brightlines for 35/50 and 90mm. Nice thing about it is the shoe mount is adjustable so you can position the finder above the lens.

EDIT: Never mind... just tried it on a IIa and it doesn't fit in the cold shoe. Works fine on everything else I tried it on though.


08-23-2017, 16:48
Thanks! The Turnit looks like just what I needed! Bought one on Ebay.