View Full Version : InfraRed Flash

05-30-2017, 22:01
I was wondering if anyone knows of infa red flash options for m6ttl ?

05-31-2017, 01:27
IR TTL flash? Even IR AE is generally frustrating, as you cannot get the spectral response of film and cell to match. IR flash adds the spectral properties of the flash head as a third variable. In my experience, you will have to bracket two stops to either side to get reliable results - but five exposures for each image reduce the film length to seven shots, with all associated practical and financial implications...

I determine the speed of the film and guide number of the flash by testing, and go strictly by guide number distance calculations from there on. Even more so with current (low IR sensitivity) film. For that purpose, any flash will do - the older the better, as long as it stays within M6TTL safe trigger voltages...