View Full Version : Nikkor 5cm 2.0 - 6 bit Leica coding

05-19-2017, 18:48
I just acquired a Nikkor 5cm 2.0 along with a Rayqual LTM-M adapter. I will be using them on an M262 so coding the lens has advantages. And, the adapter has the indent for a code to be applied. Question for those with greater knowledge than I, which Leica 50 mm lens code would be the most appropriate to use?

Any assistance would be welcome.


05-20-2017, 01:32
50mm summicron, older one if possible.

05-20-2017, 08:52
Thanks. Looks like the best choice will be the Version III from 1969-1979. It's the oldest Summicron code available.