View Full Version : Leica M5 or Mamiya 7 for a flash photographer?

04-05-2017, 09:28
Hello everyone this is my first time posting in a forum so apologies if this isn't posted in the right area, but I'm trying to weigh my options between owning a Leica M5 or a mamiya 7. I have used the M5 in the past and loved its toughness, bright rangefinder and larger size, but recently i have been looking into the benefits of the Mamiya's leaf shutter, firing a flash at 500th of a second would be invaluable to the kinds of images i want to create, but I've been told the camera is fragile and the rangefinder lacking in comparison to the M5, which is a shame as i am often focusing in low light. Is the negative size quality, optics and leaf shutter worth the trade for a less robust and user friendly camera? Aperture priority is a nice bonus but that doesn't sway me much, nether does film loading speed.