View Full Version : Leica M6 light meter stuck ON

09-15-2016, 15:19
My leica m6 light meter is constantly iit up with both red lights on. If i change the aperture or shutter speed they both still stay on. If i move to Bulb they go off but once I change it back to another shutter speed they both come on again and stay on. I tried fresh batteries but that didn't change anything.

Anyone have this problem?

09-16-2016, 10:59
Is the lens cap on?

09-16-2016, 10:59
Do you have a soft release attached to the shutter button and/or are you holding the shutter button as you're changing settings, etc.? The LED's should only light up when the shutter is depressed slightly after winding the film. They should then go off after 10 seconds or so as you probably already know. My guess is that the shutter button might be partially stuck down, simulating someone pushing down on it to take a meter reading. If you have a soft release or something attached, unscrew that temporarily and see if the problem continues. Or if that's not an issue, just make sure the shutter button is not being held down by you and if not that, check to see that it's not stuck in a half way depressed position.

On another note, the bulb setting by design turns off the metering lights, so this is not an issue as it's part of the M6.

Hope this helps

09-17-2016, 04:17
No soft release and yes you are correct the lights do go off after a time. The problem is the meter lights don't adjust with the exposure. If i turn the speed dial or aperture ring both lights stay on indicating correct exposure no matter what the setting on the camera.

And in response to the earlier post, there is no lens cap.

I'm stumped. Must be a circuit problem. Likely expensive to fix.