View Full Version : A few cheap Leica accessories australia

05-18-2016, 14:27
Might come in handy for any Australians.


this lovely little bag is only 99AUD on clearance at teds. in contrast, the same bag sells for $285USD here.


in no way am i affiliated with teds. i just thought some people might like the heads up.
they also have silicone cases for 20, the leather half case for 50, and a 35mm summarit for 1999AUD.
all decently priced.

anyway, I'm not certain if i'm allowed to link to websites or not, so feel free to delete this thread if thats the case. I just thought some fellow members may like a bargain on some of the accessories. :):):)

05-18-2016, 15:34
that went quickly! Now shown as out of stock..

05-18-2016, 15:46
wow, sorry, i didn't expect that to happen quite so quickly!