View Full Version : Cant detach top half of Leica ever ready camera case

05-17-2016, 13:38
I just bought a used ever ready case from KEH for my M6TTL (14870). Fits the camera perfectly but no matter what I do, I can't remove the top half of the case from the bottom. There's a hinge/rivet that's connecting the two which won't separate.

I tried rotating it 180 degrees and then sliding the rivet upwards like some of my other ever ready cases, but it won't budge. I thought that maybe the top doesn't detach at all but then l saw photos of other 14870 Leica cases where the tops are removed, so it can be done. Just don't know how. :confused:

05-17-2016, 16:27
Just tried mine and the top half of the case popped off fairly easily. With the top half of the case hanging down, try pushing straight up on the rivet and see if that works. May just be stuck from lack of use.

05-17-2016, 18:46
Finally got it off! Wow, seemed like it was bolted on there permanently. Squirted a little WD-40 in there and it started to loosen up a bit. Too scared to re-attach it now. I'll just fasten it with the single snap in the future.