View Full Version : Picked up a 35SP

03-18-2016, 16:55
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the whole rangefinder camera (and cameras in general really) - I played about with a Zenit SLR about 12 years ago for a summer but nothing since.

Anyway, I saw an Olympus 35SP in a charity shop and decided to pick it up as it looked fun. I knew there'd likely be problems to solve, and here we go...

First thing was the screw cover for the battery holder was in a money bag in the case, along with the spring/clip that's supposed to be screwed in place with the wire soldered to it. I'm on the way to fixing this, i've soldered in some extra wire at the top and pulled it through to extend the wire long enough to be able to solder it back in place, just need a new screw and nut small enough to go through the hole now!

Second problem - adjusting focus did nothing in the rangefinder - opened it up (need new leatherette now :mad:) and found the little spring that goes from the lever attached to the mirror was detached and is over-stretched. I've got it back in place and "working" by coiling it over itself, but it's a mess, does anyone know where I could get a replacement spring or does someone on here make them?

Third problem - the timer lever seems to move slowly every time i press the shutter button, so that every so many frames it's moved enough to activate the timer, and i have to move the lever back - any ideas?

Thanks all for your help,