View Full Version : Leica M 240 product refresh: where are we in Leica's product cycle?

01-22-2016, 14:34
Hi all, just posing a somewhat rhetorical question (I don't expect anyone to have a crystal ball) -- but where might we be in Leica's product cycle?

Specifically, I'm wondering if the M 240 is due for a refresh this year.

Leica seems to be issuing a lot of new products lately (new M-lenses, compact cameras, the M 262, etc.) so might an updated M be not far off?

The only news I've read recently about the M 240 is there's supposed to be a firmware upgrade in Q1 2016, but that's it.

Any conjectures or conspiracy theories about Leica's product cycle are heartily encouraged. :p

01-22-2016, 16:55
As far as I am aware the M successor is entering the beta testing stage. It is a bit behind schedule, but Leica has been rather busy with other releases lately. I would expect it to grace the Photokina stand by now.
Having said that, I think it would not be a bad idea for the M to go on a four-year cycle, given that the development curve has clearly flattened out.

01-23-2016, 07:40
From what I can tell of Leica's current cycle, the M will be up for an update by end of this year. The way I see it, their pattern of late has been:

Year 1 -- release a new M model
Year 2 -- release special edition models based on new model
Year 3 -- release budget "E" version of new model
Year 4 -- release new M model

...and then the cycle begins anew. Now that they have the SL out, maybe they can stretch the new M model introductions to 5 years instead, which should help stretch the value you get out of each one before you get compelled to upgrade.

01-23-2016, 10:53
2006 M8
2009 M9
2012 M240

2012 MM1
2015 MM2

Three year cycle...

01-23-2016, 15:22
Thanks everyone for your responses, yes I also was assuming 3-4 years between models. AFAIK the M 240 didn't actually become widely available at retailers until sometime in 2013 (if I recall, many people were on a waiting list). A new model is probably due by early 2017, if not sooner.

I've been noticing a slide in M 240 prices in the past 6-12 months, maybe this is because the product is getting toward the end of the cycle.