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12-20-2015, 09:18
According to Erwin Puts (http://www.imx.nl/photo/blog/) (last paragraph), on November 20 CMOSIS was purchased by AMS (Austria Microsystems). AMS is a large global corporation with a diverse product line of semi-conductor products. Unlike CMOSIS, AMS has a semi-conductor foundry.

As many of us are aware, CMOSIS designs many of the photo-sensor semi-conductor beds used in Leica's current digital camera offerings.

As Puts points out, it is impossible to predict what the long-term impact may, or may not be, for Leica. It makes sense COSIS designed Leica photo-sesnor beds will eventually be manufactured by AMS. This does imply the design will change. And the semi-conductor bed is just one component of the camera's sensor array assembly.

An optimistic view would be the economic stability of Leica's photo-sensor semi-condicuor bed supplier has increased significantly and Leica could eventually gain access to a more diverse portfolio of semiconductor technologies.