View Full Version : Fixed My XA!

10-28-2015, 10:14
I just finished fixing my XA. Shutter button wouldn't work. Advance wheel wouldn't turn. I read a lot of stuff everywhere and I did all that was suggested back then. Then, I took the bottom off and Voila!, the thing started to work again! Who knows what the problem was but I'm glad it's not jammed anymore. The XA has been sitting in my desk for about 10 years or more.

I did notice the seals are sticky and will need to be replaced, but what a cool feeling knowing I somehow did something that unstuck the shutter/advance wheel.

Now, load some film and see what it can do again. I have the flash and tested it and it works fine too.

10-28-2015, 10:26
II wonder if a knackered digital camera from the 90's could be fixed as easily:rolleyes:

10-28-2015, 11:30
The same thing happened to my XA4 !!

Is it hard to take off the bottom ?

Congratulations !

10-28-2015, 12:01
You let the Grimlin out that was trapped inside!

10-28-2015, 12:03
It just needed the "touch of love".

10-28-2015, 12:47
The same thing happened to my XA4 !!

Is it hard to take off the bottom ?

Congratulations !

Not at all. Keep track of the screws. Some are longer than others. There is one under the self timer lever.

10-28-2015, 15:05
The problem you resolved was likely that the rewind button was stuck in a partially depressed position, which locked out the advance mechanism and prevented the shutter from being reset. I bought a very cheap XA4 with this problem and fixed it in about five minutes. Make sure the area around the button is clean and free of debris and you should be good to go.