View Full Version : how to power off an olympus 35 ec2

10-01-2004, 17:11

I've just bought an Olympus 35 ec2 on ebay but whenever I put batteries inside, the orange led is remaining on. I was wondering what has to be done to switch it of ?

I could not see any obvious switch, on some EC theres 's something just under the lens but here on my ec2 nothing.

Other thing : I do have to push very deeply to take one picture. Is it normal ?

Anyway, small Olympus cameras are so attractive !

Thank's, Laurent (sorry for my english)

Brian Sweeney
10-01-2004, 18:47
Well you are not ging to like this answer, but...
I picked up a "parts" Olympus ECR almost 10 years ago for $5 at a camera show. The reason that it was so cheap was the camera did not fire. I found a broken contact at the battery compartment and got it to power up. The low-light indicator turned on and stayed on. So I used it for parts. Last year, I took the parts back. I cut the wire to the little light that never turned off. It turned off and quit draining the batteries. I "hard-wired" a 3v Lithium battery in place of the hard to find RM640 cells. It works now, the battery is still good, and it is one of my "disposable" cameras. It gets used in snow storms and the swimming pool.

10-02-2004, 01:23
Hi BRIAN, thank's, I did not know what this led was for ( low light LED). My story is exactly the same : battery compartment with one bad contact, more than one hour to remove one of the back screw, I had to drill a little hole, it looks a bit ugly. Then I could fix as it was the - battery side which was not connected. And then this orange led.I'm gonna do like you, unsolder one side of the let.
Thank's again, Laurent