View Full Version : Aperture problem with a 35RC

07-19-2015, 23:22
I have recently acquired an Olympus 35RC. Everything works perfect on it except that when setting the aperture ring at off the shutter does fire at maximum aperture. Also, at A even without battery in it it does fire at maximum aperture. I thought that the ring was loose, but when I turn it to flashmatic, it works as expected.
I will be using it in manual anyway, but what could be wrong with that? What makes it not locking the shutter under insufficiency light or when set to off?
Also, fiddling with the battery compartment the piece of metal that connects to the - of the battery came off. I had my chances to test the camera, but now... What can I use to put it back in place?

07-21-2015, 01:25
Found the solution in some other site. Here it is for those interested.
Open the base plate. Next to the battery compartment there is a galvanometer. Release the two big flat brass screws and without battery rotate it so that when the aperture is set to 2.8 and pressing the shutter button all the way, you get the needle at 2.8 in the viewfinder.
Tighten the two screws, put the base plate back and this is it!
Now the shutter gets locked whenever the aperture ring is set to off or the camera's settings cannot handle the exposure.
I love the RC!