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back alley
09-29-2004, 21:11
another month has come and gone!
we have upped our membership and started our own book.
exciting times indeed...

ok- for october, the month of my birth, the theme is 'home'.

as usual, the interpretation is up to you. it could be a pic of your home. a pic taken in your home. or home as in where you were born. or maybe home plate...

enjoy, start planning and i can't wait to see what you folks come up with.


09-29-2004, 21:32
I couldn't come up with anything last month... Groups was a bit difficult for me. Let's see what "Home" brings us here...

Thanks, Joe! :)

Brian Sweeney
09-30-2004, 03:15
Joe, Like this?

Think BIG Picture. (http://www.rangefinderforum.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/3273/size/big/)

09-30-2004, 04:37
Did you take that pic with a rangefinder, Brian?

Focussed at infinity, right?

back alley
09-30-2004, 04:38
that big home in the sky?
yeah, that could work too. lol


Brian Sweeney
09-30-2004, 06:17
>Did you take that pic with a rangefinder, Brian?

Yes, and with the fastest regular production 35mm camera lens ever made in the course of history...

I'll Cave: This is a backlit transparency, very dimly lit as not to ruin visitors "night-vision" at the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. It is an artist rendition of our own Galaxy. I was the only person not using flash, unless you count the Museum's Infrared Camera being used to demonstrate imaging in near total darkness. Using flash would have not have caught the atmosphere.

I was wide-open and at close focus. This image shows off the lens as it is flat and has lots of points of light(at least a thousand). The DOF of this lens is so narrow that many pictures that you see from it look like poor focus. The airplane shots in the folder are good examples. F1.4 is enough DOF to cover the plane at this distance, and the "color contour" lines look fairly sharp. At F0.95 the DOF is too narrow to cover the plane, and those lines look too soft. The lines that are actually in focus are just about as good as the F1.4 image. I like this lens; it gets special purpose use but it certainly does not deserve the bad reputation placed on it.