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01-03-2015, 20:03
I got my IIc back from New Zealand a while back (thanks Chris) and was wanting to get some filters for it. Am I correct in that the originals were the Kodak 29.5mm threaded ones? I've seen so many conflicting threads on what adapters can be used as well. If an adapter is used I'd like to be able to still use the 50mm hood I have with it. I've seen mention of a Tiffen #608 for series VI filters. I have full sets of Series V, VI, and VII filters for other cameras, FWIW.

Any info y'all might give me would be great!

01-03-2015, 20:27
The 29.5mm screw-on filters are the correct ones. Kodak also made 32mm slip-on filters for the Retinas.
Two series VI adapter rings you should look for are the Kodak series VI adapter ring No. 29 or the Tiffen series VI adapter ring 29.5 F6 605. Both have the 29.5mm screw-on thread and will hold series VI filters and a series VI hood.. Otherwise you'll need a 32mm slip-on adapter ring to hold your series VI filters..
Another option for a hood would be the plastic hood that was designed for it as well as the Retina IIIC/c. You can use 29.5mm screw-on filters with this hood..

01-03-2015, 20:59
Thanks. The plastic 50mm bayonet hood is the one I have. I'll start looking for the adapters. I have a couple of VI hoods.

01-14-2015, 02:55
I'd suggest that you get the original Kodak Retina filters if you're planning to use normal filters like yellow, orange and red. You can close the camera with a Kodak filter on. They are called 32mm even though the actual thread is 29,5mm. 32mm is the outer diameter of the lens mount and filter.

With adapter and filters of other brands you'll need to take them off before closing the camera.