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12-26-2014, 17:51
I have recently acquired a Retina IIa that I have begun to use as my "carry everywhere" pocket camera, but the frame counter spring appears to be broken. I still use it regardless of the issue, but it would be awesome if I could actually get it working again. Does anyone have a spare part lying around and/or know where I could purchase a replacement frame counter spring?


12-26-2014, 18:10
Broken, or just not installed correctly? Could be it's flattened out, instead of having that little crook on the end. You could always do an Internet search. A parts camera might show up on eBay. It will be the same part as in the Ia. The one in my parts Ia is definitely broken, or I'd send it to you.


12-26-2014, 20:36
I'm pretty sure it's broken off... There is only a tiny piece of metal hanging after the "bend" part (1mm or so).

Chris Sherlock
12-26-2014, 20:59
The frame counter spring is the achilles heel of the Retina Ia & IIa. The spring flexes as it does its job, eventually it snaps off neatly at the bend. This process can be regarded as inevitable, but the failure is certainly hastened if the frame counter mechanism is unusually stiff from dried-out grease, dust build-up, or drop-damage.

If you really want to break the spring, just turn the frame counter in the wrong direction...

The lack of a working frame counter does not cripple the camera, and although reaching the end of a film might be a surprise, film is cheap, just carry a spare.

Regards, Chris

12-27-2014, 19:41
As have others said the spring breaks easily. I have since switched to the Retina II type 014. While it is a knob wind it does not use the counter spring. The Retina II type 011 is basicly the same but most without flash.

I much prefer the type 014 over the others..