View Full Version : olympus ee with slide film.....

06-11-2014, 14:45
so i bought an olympus pen ee for fun and decided to run some slides through it. risky, yes, but it was only twenty bucks for film and processing. so i set it on 160 iso for 100 speed film for half the roll, and 100 iso for the other half. to my surprise and delight, the shots at 160 were dead on, and 100 were a bit light. with shots that were full of sky, they were a bit dark (underexposed cuz this is slide film). i was amazed how lucky i got. what a load of fun this camera is.

so if i keep the selinium meter covered when not in use, does anyone know how long this beast will last? it was near mint, very well taken care of, even smelled good, totally absent was that decades of closed closet musty smell. it actually smells kind of fragrant like a flower!

cant remember having this much fun with a camera, and to be able to run slides through it is beyond cool.