View Full Version : for those with experience with the olympus pen ee, a question.....

06-01-2014, 14:13
this may sound like a silly question, but can you use an olympus pen ee as a sort of shutter priority camera and just change aperture as if you were using a flash but not have a flash? if i remember correctly, it has a constant 1/60th shutter speed. with a light meter you could just meter with a 1/60th constant shutter speed and adjust the "flash" aperture accordingly on the lens. of course this takes away some of the simple charm of the camera, but its such a fun camera it may be worth it. obviously over time the shutter speed may have changed slightly, but that would be sweet to get a hold on the shutter speed and shoot slide film with it.

please let me know, and thanks!

06-01-2014, 15:01
You can use it that way. I believe the shutter speed was originally a bit slower than 1/60, but at this point every example is going to exhibit some variance. You'll obviously need to do a little experimenting with yours to determine exactly where it is.

06-01-2014, 15:18
yeah, i figure it might have changed over the years, but at least i can be fairly certain that once i figure out about what it is now, i can be pretty sure it will be consistent.....

06-01-2014, 18:32
so i just found the manual, and it says it has 1/200th of a second for auto mode, and 1/40th of a second in flash mode. so as long as you leave it in flash mode, youll always get the 1/40th speed (likely to have changed a bit because these cameras are so old. but once you figure out the shutter speed acurately by some testing, you can shoot with it as a shutter priority camera.

06-01-2014, 19:00
I think of it as simply a camera with a fixed shutter speed. A couple of the older cameras I haved owned were exactly that ... One shutter speed called "I" for Instantaneous. :-)

An ASA 50 to 100 film works great for general outdoor shooting, 400 for indoor shooting with the Oly Pen EE.