View Full Version : H. Zuiko Auto-S 42 1.2 for Olympus Pen F series

04-07-2014, 14:09
Hi all

I bought this lens as a kit with an Oly Pen FT a couple of years ago while in Hong Kong. It appears to work OK, I shot a roll of film with it. Only problem is - the shutter blades seem a little sticky.

For instance if I depress the DOF, it sticks a little before giving way. The second time impress it, it goes much smoother.

If I look at the shutter blades themselves I can tell there's been a bit of friction.

I live in London, is there anywhere I can take it that will fix this at a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance!


04-07-2014, 18:31
This seems to be pretty common to Olympus lenses.
It's "normally" lubricant that's migrated onto the stop down linkages behind the lens mount. Any repair technician should have no problem at all cleaning it.

04-07-2014, 18:41
i bought a 40mm 1.4 zuiko with the intent of taking it apart to clean the oil aperture blades. i now worked on the 40mm and also the 42mm with a loose aperture ring. these old pen ft lens are very easy to work with if you have the right tools.

the only thing i needed was a spanner wrench and correct tools for the screws.

you can clean the blades yourself with some cotton tips and iso alcohol. my zuiko 40mm 1.4 looks like new now and is going strong for a year after my semi-CLA.

the construction is relatively straightforward with these classical pen lenses.

i dont have pics, but the steps are as follows.

use the spanner wrench and remove the rear elements. you can get to the blades now after unscrewing this optical block out. (the last couple of elements) gently take a alcohol dipped tip to the blades from the rear of the lens and very very gently swipe the blades (while stopped down to darkest aperture) with the tips in a direction that wont bend the blades out of whack. a feather light approach works best.

replace the tips frequently while it soaks up the excess oil and cleans the blades. the oil at the front of the blades should also be absorbed in this way so you dont need to get at it from the front (and that's not recommended anyhow; it would become too complicated for cleaning)

04-07-2014, 18:49
when i was fixing the loose aperture ring on my 42mm 1.2 the only complication that arose was from screwing the focusing helicoid back into the right thread. that took me a couple of tries and lots of select curse words. my 42mm 1.2 has been going strong after a slight cleaning and maintenance after. when you get into indepth repairs and regreasing, that's when it gets complicated, but it's still alright for a light CLA involving cleaning the aperture blades