12-03-2013, 06:00

I had buy Ib & DKL lenses

By the way, I also had close-up mark N type & R type

Both they mark "32mm" for xenon C F2/50

and I believe it also can fit with DKL

so I try for DKL lenses, it also work.(F2.8/50)

now, I try to find some kodak series V???VI???

can somebody tell me, is kodak series VI(1 1/4"-31.5mm)can fit me xenon

C & DKL lenses???

and which filter should I buy???

WRATTEN???which model???

It from Asia, and POOL ENGLISH.

12-03-2013, 12:17
For my Kodak Retina 111c I'm using a kodak adapter ring 1 1/4" or 31.5 mm,series 6.
You'll probably need to break off one of the tabs to fit over the small tab on the outside lens ring. They are a popular size and easily found on ebay. K2 ( yellow) is a good start with B&W film. Peter

ps; I'm assuming the lens diameter on your Retina is the same as on the Xenon lens I have.

12-03-2013, 18:49
Kodak's 32 is actually a 29.5mm diameter thread. So if you can find a 29.5mm screw-on to Series VI adapter (Tiffen #608), you can use the Series filters. Or look for off-brand filters, such as Walz. But you won't be able to close the clamshell since the non-Kodak filters will most likely also have female threads on the front side, making them too tall. But then you can get a metal screw-on 29.5mm hood, instead of that easy to break plastic Kodak one.


12-03-2013, 18:51
The Kodak screw-in filters are called "32mm" but they are 29.5mm thread. Hoya also made filters in that size, but you have to take them off before folding the camera.

12-05-2013, 16:03
Thanks a lot

another question,the kodak series vi retaining ring is about 41(inside)~44(outside)mm



is someone try to use some size like 43mm,40.5mm,39mm

there are all use in maybe 1980~now,but when I use series vi,maybe those filter can put
between adapter & retainging ring?????

12-05-2013, 20:13
My experience has been that all the adapters that I've bought on ebay have the retaining
ring with them, as the retaining ring is what holds the filter into the adapter ring.

12-05-2013, 23:22

by the way, I want to know can I change the serier VI filter to international common filter?

series VI filter→43mm/40.5mm/39mm filter

is this work???

12-06-2013, 08:18
This may need rewriting for me to understand what you're looking for. Peter

12-06-2013, 15:34
Your best bet there is to get what is called a Step-Up ring. They go from one thread size to another, so you don't have to keep buying filters for all your different lenses. However, when using a stepper ring where there is a large difference in the diameters, you may run into problems of being able to read settings, or manipulate the control rings for aperture and shutter speed. Also blocking the rangefinder window. Not to mention looking awfully weird.

Standard threaded filters will be very hard to use in a Series adapter, as anything smaller in diameter will most likely fall out. And being threaded on both sides makes them awfully thick to try to use in a Series adapter. You might not have enough inside thread left for the retaining ring to hold tight.

I ordered a vented lens hood once that was supposed to be 27mm (to go on a half-frame camera lens). What I received was a 27mm to 37mm step-up ring attached to a 37mm vented hood. Needless to say, it was way too big for my use, but the hood at least will fit on some other camera I have.