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eli griggs
11-23-2005, 16:52
Well, the first of my FEDs arrived today, a 5B that I bought off eb*y for the multi-finder, Jupiter 11 and pair of 61 L/D lenses that were part of the offering.

Everything seems to be in great shape, with all three of the lenses free of cleaning marks, dings and turning well.

I don't care for the free turning aperture section of the J11, but a snug fitting rubber or leather band behind the aperture grip, cut to width + a hair should put that right. Looking at it again I think even a bit of hook and loop would do the trick.

The viewfinder looks brand new and is well finished. I do like the crosshairs and the general feel of the thing.

As for the camera itself, I like it. It feels good to my hand and the shutter seems right on. The noise from the shutter is less than my Canon F1N, one of which which almost got me thrown out of an Alexander Godunov performance in ’84, so no worries there. I am going to build one of those little electronic shutter speed testers and have already downloaded the free software 'Audacity' to play with. If I can get to Radio Shack this week, I should be ready well in advance of the other cameras arrival from 'Sovietepoch'.

By the way, I got this lot from joemoe5 in CA. and could not be happier. He even sent along a rubber lens hood with the rest of the gear. :D

I guess I lucked out there, ‘cause the whole lot seems to have cost less than the finder alone elsewhere, eb*y or otherwise.

Thanks everyone for sharing this FSU hobby with me, this is going to be a blast.


11-23-2005, 19:50
Sounds like a nice kit you have there. Keep me updated on the electronic shutter speed testers. I was thinking about doing that myself.

This is kinda out of topic............in Canada, RadioShack is now called The Source by Cicuit City. :p