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Rich Silfver
10-08-2003, 22:32
Does anyone use one of these?


If so what do you think (reliable, accurate, ease of use, etc)?

10-09-2003, 05:02
Originally posted by rsilfverberg
Does anyone use one of these?


If so what do you think (reliable, accurate, ease of use, etc)?

I have neither used nor seen this item until your post but will foolishly evaluate it anyway.

Leica clip on meters interconnect with the M series shutter speed dial. You take the reading and then need only set either lens opening or shutter and you're good to go. This semi-integration is more convenient than using a seperate meter and manually setting both functions, but it is faster and more convenient than a hand held unit, especially the MR4 which could be used at eye level while viewing to take the reading. But then you have to take the camera away from your face to set f stop or shutter speed. The drawbacks are that it is still slower to use than a fully coupled built in meter like on the M6 and adds bulk to the camera. It's only real virtue is that if it should need repair, the camera stays with you in the meanwhile.

The CosinaVoigtlander pictured here is like any other clip-on in that it is basically a small meter with an accessory shoe. Like with a hand held type, you have to set both lens and shutter independently. That being the case, all you gain is a little more portability over a larger hand-held, which I regard as an inelegant trade-off for something that may be seperate but has better capabilities.

When I use a camera that has no inboard meter, I much prefer a hand held.
My current fave is the Gossen Digisix, which takes incident readings as well as reflected, and in addition functions as a clock, timer, thermometer and coffee maker, and only one of those is a lie. It weighs 1 1/2 oz. and can be clipped onto a camera, but clunky in that mode. It rides in my pocket even when I am using a camera with built in meter so I have incident light measuring and coffee making capabilities, if needed, and it costs less than the CV. But even something like a full sized Luna Pro or Sekonic is preferable, IMHO, to a fiddly little clip on.

10-09-2003, 12:34
I have one and it does seem pretty easy to use and reasonably accurate. I can't recommend it with great enthusiasm because I strongly prefer using a hand-held meter and taking incident readings.