View Full Version : Sent a Retina to Chris Sherlock, just wanted to share.

08-14-2013, 13:00
Sorry if this isn't the right place, but I thought since he's a Retina repair guru I'd throw this up here.

I've had a Retina II (Type 142) that has been nonoperational for the last year and I finally pooled enough money to send it off to Chris.

After communicating with him I sent it off to NZ on July 23rd, and received the diagnosis and invoice on the 6th of August. Diagnosis was as follows:

"The shutter was suffering from more serious problems than just the one missing spring, so it is probably just as well you sent it to me to deal with. The mechanism plate was broken where one of the three tabs on the front coverplate locks into it. As a result, the front plate and the selector ring behind it were not being held down properly. This in turn had most likely contributed to the obvious damage to the retard gear train. Specifically to the pallet lever, which was bent right out of shape.

I have replaced the mechanism plate, and the retard gear train with ones taken from an organ-donor. They came from the shutter of a Retina I, probably a slightly later model than your camera, either a type 148 or a post-war type 010 I think. Anyway, it is all working correctly now."

I paid him via PayPal ($175NZD or about $140 USD for repair AND shipping) and he sent it back to me.

Well, I got the camera this morning via USPS and let me tell you how thrilled I am. The camera works flawlessly, rangefinder is bright and clear, the lens glass looks brand new. If it wasn't for the brassing on the camera, I'd think it was brand new. He also cleaned the exterior and gave it a shine.

If anyone is looking for someone to repair their Retina, or even just give it a CLA, I couldn't recommend Chris Sherlock more.

I also realize he's well known, but for anyone who has a shred of doubt - it's unnecessary to do so!:)

Joe AC
08-14-2013, 13:13
That's great to hear. Thanks for sharing.


08-14-2013, 14:01
Chris is a member here on RFF. I suspect he knows more about Retinas than most other camera repairmen especially since he once worked for Kodak...

09-07-2013, 07:42
Chris is the perfect men for any Retina - he did my III S and all I can say is PERFECT!

Sarcophilus Harrisii
09-07-2013, 08:01
I've never had to avail myself of his services, not really having any Kodaks yet, but I've certainly noted he pops up on a few websites from time to time, such as RFF, or Classic Camera Repair Forum, and cheerfully dispenses good advice free of charge to help owners with camera problems. This has always struck me as the sign of someone you'd feel good about dealing with. His website features some great technical information too including an interesting write up of a Retina Reflex repair. Given the above, I'm not so surprised to read your kind words about him.