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Old School Steve
04-29-2013, 13:30
Hello ,

I recently have acquired a Kodak Retina II . :)

It seems to be a good camera but the rangefinder was so unclear as to be unusable . I followed the instructions on retinarescue.com as to how to clean, lube and recalibrate it and now the rangefinder seems to be fine .

However, the instructions on retinarescue.com are for a different model Retina and I am having some difficulty placing the top cover back into position . The thumb wheel for the film counter and the reverse / advance lever which stick through slits in the cover are presenting difficulty in setting the top cover down . It may also be that the film counter itself is not engaging onto it's spindle and recessing properly. Has anyone experience in working with a Retina II ?

Thanks !


Old School Steve
04-29-2013, 14:11
Here is a photo of the top cover in place .

Old School Steve
04-29-2013, 14:19
Here with the with the film counter on it's spindle and the reverse / advance lever removed .

04-29-2013, 17:32
Myself, I don't know. Email the dude, Chris Sherlock, and ask him would be my suggestion. Nice guy.

04-30-2013, 11:28
I had exactly the same problem myself a few weeks ago (on a Retina II 011)!

If you assemble the A-R lever and its brass slotted nut loosely, so that the lever can lift a little and give more clearance at the back, this isn't too hard to get in its slot.

The problem with the frame counter wheel, as far as I can remember, is that with it pushed inward against its spring, its drive gear was catching as I tried to lower the cover (on the gear under the counter disc?). The trick was to lower the cover tilted backwards as far as possible to give the gears more room.