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09-17-2004, 08:10
First of all I would like to thank a lot all those who lent a hand to me for the FED.
I realized that it was not the one for me, because I use to take pics rather than collect old cameras (that one was lovely!).

I bought a FED 2, this one:


As you see it has some use signs, and I'm going to restore it.
It's mechanically OK!

Soon I'll post some pics of the restoration work and of the restored camera.

Now I would like to know:
how good is the lens you can see on this FED?
Do you suggest to look for something else?
Wich is the best russian lens you suggest me for it?

Thanks all.

09-17-2004, 08:35
The Industar 26m isn't a bad lens but I think the Jupiter-8 is waaaaay better. The J-8 can be bought as a single lens for $15-$50 depending on who it sells, and the quality of the glass. However, you can get it usually for LESS (around $25) when you buy it in combo with a Zorki-4.

09-17-2004, 08:47
Hi Carburo

>>how good is the lens you can see on this FED?

I think they are under rated by most people, I'd certainly try it out before shopping for another lens. Have a look at the pool side photo I posted taken with the same lens (Ind-26m).

>>Do you suggest to look for something else?

Only if your unhappy with the results from your lens.

>>Wich is the best russian lens you suggest me for it?

I tend to think the Jupiter 8 - 50mm/F2 is the best of the Soviet standard focal length lenses, I have several of them and they all take good pictures.

09-17-2004, 09:39
Congrats on the new camera! I would agee with what Laika said, try the lens first - you might be pleasantly surprised! I have an old FED Industar-22 and it's a really good lens!!

Having said that, Laika has a pic in his gallery using a Jupiter-8 and RML has several. All of them are excellent quality. But do try the lens you got first...

09-17-2004, 09:52
The I-26M is a very good lens. However,a J-8 will do things that an I-26M cannot do (like shoot at f2.0). If you decide to get a J-8, I suggest you look for a Zorki-4 with that lens. Many times it will cost you less, even with the higher shipping for an entire camera. The silver J-8 is constructed much like the I-26m. The black J-8 has a simpler barrel construction which allows the entire lens to rotate as you focus. Thus, the f-stop settings will move as you focus.