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back alley
09-14-2004, 20:19
yes to camera info on the opposite page oe in the back of the book?

Rich Silfver
09-14-2004, 20:24
May wanna add 'POLL for RF BOOK' in the subject line to attract the right people :)

back alley
09-14-2004, 20:30
can't seem to change the title of poll, hhhmmm.

09-14-2004, 21:22
Just for your information. I voted 'opposite page' for ease of reference.

Rich Silfver
09-14-2004, 21:27
Samples of how it would look with and without camera/tech info on the opposite page is available at: http://www.pbase.com/rsilfverberg/text_samples

09-14-2004, 21:34
I voted Libertarian...........I mean I voted for the opposite page. My reason is if the book is focusing on rangefinder cameras it would be easier to reference (like Peter said), if the book is about the images and the cameras are secondary then by all means we should page reference the cameras in the back. I don't think there will be anyone looking at this book and saying to themselves "Oh look, this was taken with a Leica what a stunning image compared to that one taken with a Yashica GSN".
In fact if everyone would like we could use only images taken with our fixed lens RF's. I'd be perfectly happy with that choice, it might fill a niche that is missing in photography books :).


09-14-2004, 22:13
My preference goes to the back of the book. Why? Because more photos can go in the book that way. And because I think the technical details could distract from or influence the way one sees the photo.

Rich Silfver
09-14-2004, 22:17
It won't effect the number of photos - it will be 2 photos per participating photographer = 50 photos :)

The off-setting page will either contain;
- Description of photo w/ technical information, or
- Description of photo w/out technical information.


Close race here - 4:4 ....

09-14-2004, 23:43
I voted for the back - I'm with modsoul on this. The photos should speak for themselves, and if anyone's interested, it's easy to turn to the index and find info there. This way no "bias" will be present when viewing the photos.

09-15-2004, 01:28
Richard, NOW you tell me! :)

Actually, I vored before I had chance to read the entire rf book thread.
But still I'm with the back page crowd. :)

09-15-2004, 01:37
I voted opposite, knowing that we all like to have that information easily available in the rff gallery.

However, apart from that I have no specific preference, both options are ok for me. Todd's point about using only fixed lens RFs is a good one ... just have in mind that you won't be able to find a Canonet under $100 after that !!! ;)

09-15-2004, 01:53
I voted opposite page because I like to reference the info easily. I don't enjoy reading books with endnotes that keep you flipping back and forth.

For this book I think two of our best images, regardless of camera model. I'd hate to be limited to my fixed-lens RF's since I've only had one for a few weeks.


09-15-2004, 02:55
Good morning guys. I am an opposite page man myself. I personally will tell a little story with my pictures, like Richard did in his example at Pbase, which will not work if it is at the back of the book. The words need the picture, not the other way around.

I think the Tech info can be captured in the index, that will take away any potential bias regarding camera pedegree.

09-15-2004, 03:52
I'd like to offer my oppinion as an outsider but who loves the idea and looks forwad to this project, so pls take it as a positive contribution, not as an unwanted critique ... :D

Honestly, there's so much hipocricy in this world, (including myself), it will be hard to leave the "reader" unbiased if there's written "leica" next to a photo, and "yashica" next to the other one... OTOH, a few words, a "little story", as taffer and others say above, would go well next to the picture. I personally enjoy books that do have a few words and not only the photos themselves. In its current format, looks really good; the text is not too long,not too bright,not too attention-drawing...complements well the image.

Off-topic: the cover: i also had the idea of using that t-shirt design with the rangefinder patch; it would clearly show that it's about photos with rangefinders, but it's not misleading. What I mean is, if there are cameras shown on the cover, one might think that the book is about rangefinder cameras and not pictures...and that would be a pity. On the other hand, if there's a collage of photos, that's no indication that there were rangefinders involved. And, it could look cluttered too.

Hope you don't mind for the above, and, good luck all:)

09-15-2004, 04:05
I should modify my vote then based on the last two responses.

I voted to put the technical info at the back of the book in a nicely stylized index. However, I assumed that the verbal description of the image would stay, and only the technical details such as camera used, film type, exposure info, etc, would be referenced in the back.

If the technical and photo description will not be split up, then I vote for putting it in the opposite page as well, and just putting the technical details in a smaller font/style from the photo description which I consider the 'meat and potatoes'.

I agree that the photographers verbal description of the image should remain with the image itself, or readers will be flipping back and forth for each image as suggested.

back alley
09-15-2004, 04:51
i like the t-shirt image for the cover idea too!

09-15-2004, 05:13
What is that T-shirt image?

09-15-2004, 05:27
Click here to see that thread: http://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=810

If we use the RFF Logo/ t-shirt design, will that be OK with Jorge, are we referencing this site? What's the opinion in this?


09-15-2004, 05:29
The web address text would be replaced with the book's title anyway...i thought...or am i wrong?

09-15-2004, 05:33
Originally posted by Pherdinand
The web address text would be replaced with the book's title anyway...i thought...or am i wrong?

That seems logical, but nothing wrong with something somewhere, in a preface (which should be there to explain what the book is about) for instance, with the site address. If people see the book and get past (we hope) "Ah, that's nice" and decide they want to try RF's, we should perhaps let them know where to find us?

09-15-2004, 05:35
sure - and, actually i think the site('s creator) deserves to be mentioned - whether he likes it or not :D

09-15-2004, 05:43
That frame_&_patch would look good on a black background.
I'm not too keen on the way it looks on white.

Maybe we can have 1 photo on the cover (one of Jorge's photos?) with the frame_&_patch overlaid on it, like the view through a real VF.
Or is that the idea all along? :)

back alley
09-15-2004, 06:49
book title on front cover and a thank you to rff and jorge in the preface?
i like that idea.


09-15-2004, 07:28
I voted for tech info in the back because I would like to see text about the photo only on the opposite page. Some pictures tell their own story and some will need a little bit of context setting.

Personally I find the technical details distracting unless there is something about the photo that makes me want to know: hmmm - what was the exposure or what was the lens?

Rich Silfver
09-15-2004, 09:25
10:9 ... seems like a very divided issue

09-15-2004, 09:44
It may be late for me to ask this question, but let's clearify. Are we talking about just the tech info, or all words in the book? There is a lot to keep up with and it is going fast. So, in the body of the book we will have the photos, will they be accompanied by a description, and are we only voting on where the tech info should go, or where that description will be too?

Rich Silfver
09-15-2004, 09:55
Rover the options are pretty simple:

On the left page when you go through the book there will some word that relate to the photo on the right page.

The question here is only if;
a) Should we on the left page ALSO spell out the technical information (in addion to the description of the photo), or
b) Should we just have the text on the left page be about the photo and save all technical details for an index in the back.

Some samples of what a and b could look like here: http://www.pbase.com/rsilfverberg/text_samples

09-15-2004, 09:58
that is what I though and how I voted.

Wayne R. Scott
09-15-2004, 11:34
My vote is for the back of the book for tech info. I think the words should tell the story or spirit in which the photo was taken. Then if there is a photo that you really like you can look it up in the back and find out if you need to buy a Lecia to produce that type of image or if your $5 junk store camera is good enough if you have the vision.


09-15-2004, 12:32
Although I prefer the tech info on the opposite page, if we decide to go with back-of-book, one option would be to combine the tech info with our short bios -- i.e., you look up the tech info by photographer ...

I'm not sure a traditional index would work for this purpose.

Another $0.02 ...


Rich Silfver
09-15-2004, 17:09
12:13 - could you guys have made it any harder... :)

back alley
09-15-2004, 17:11
read the posts, someone changed their mind.

09-15-2004, 18:56
I'm with Gene that we can have an photo index including the photographers' profiles or short biography.


09-15-2004, 21:06
Gene's compromise sounds good: story with the photo, tech info with the photog's bio in the back.

09-16-2004, 04:34
I like that too...