View Full Version : Rectangular Retina hood puzzle!

11-28-2012, 10:43
I recently acquired one of the rectangular plastic lens-hoods for the later Retinas, and I am puzzled as to how it is meant to fit.

I have tried it out on my IIc. It is a very tight fit on the knurled portion of the lens, where it depresses the lens release catch, so that if I turn it anti-clockwise it takes the lens with it. The 'bayonet' on the outside of the hood (which is very badly worn) seems to have no function in this application - there is no way it can engage with the bayonet on the lens. The red dot also seems to have no purpose as far as the standard lens is concerned. There does not seem to be an identical hood on Chris Sherlock's accessories page (http://retinarescue.com/retinaaccessories.html).

I assume that the markings "50 u.35mm" mean "50 und 35mm", so would the bayonet and the position of the red dot make sense if I had the 35mm lens, and is the correct fitting for the standard lens simply the friction-fit on the lens knurling? This seems a very crude idea compared to other Retina accessories.


Bill Snell
11-28-2012, 16:15
Hi, The attached pic is what you should have. The hood you have got is probably for the "S"?http://captjack.exaktaphile.com/Retina/Retina%20Accessories.htm Regards

11-28-2012, 20:22
Thanks, Bill. You're absolutely right!

Anyone want a IIIs lens hood?

12-26-2012, 10:51
Thanks, Bill. You're absolutely right!

Anyone want a IIIs lens hood?

If you would trade for one IIIc/C lenshood?

Iīve got the IIIc/C lenshood together with some filters and donīt have any use for it.