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09-11-2012, 05:10
Hi all, Just got a film back from developing and scanning from local Tesco Superstore, all the film is ruined by fogging?light leaks, my 11a has'nt been used for a few months because the frame counter spring broke which effectively locked up the wind mechanism, I decided to have a go at bypassing the counter mechanism by tying back the spring pawl in the wind lever so that it did'nt lock up the wind mechanism. This worked, I can now wind on and fire the shutter but have not got a working frame counter. I put this film through the camera last week and was very dissappointed with the results that came back. I have had a good look at he camera and can see no obvious places where there could be light getting in, the bellows appear in good order but the vertical streaking on the pictures would indicate either camera back somewhere or bellows, any ideas comments would be welcome. There is also another possibility - a development cock up by the photo lab. I will put another colour film through the camera and have it developed to see if the same thing happens.

09-11-2012, 06:09
I bet that is a process or scan problem and not your Retina. Too uniform for a light leak. Joe

09-11-2012, 06:14
Retinas have a nasty tendency for the glue to fail where the bellows are glued to the body - and it's very hard to see until you really look for it.

I wouldn't rule that out as a possibility just yet.


09-11-2012, 17:32
It doesn't really look like a camera pattern.

I assume you've examined the negatives and seen the "fogging" marks there. If so, I have a question: does the fogging extend past the edge of the frames onto the sprocket area?

If it does then it is NOT the bellows. Light coming in that way will be masked by the film gate.

If it doesn't extend past the edges of the images then it can't be a lab problem and must be coming in from the lens/shutter mount or the bellows.

Of course, if it doesn't show on the negs then it is a scanning issue.

09-12-2012, 00:10
Very good point, Dwig - moral: Don't post in a hurry!


09-12-2012, 00:56
Hi guys, Thanks for the input, I myself suspect a processing fault, I'm afraid I chucked the negatives away in disgust after a quick look, I'm pretty sure the margins were fogged as well, I have put a B& W Film in the camera and will develop it myself see if I get the same problem. Many thanks for the comments.

Chris Sherlock
09-13-2012, 17:54
G'day Robbie,

Tha fault looks akin to multiple exposures. I don't know of any way to reproduce this even in a broken Retina IIa.

Is there any chance that the film you used had passed through an x-ray scanner at an airport even prior to you using it in the camera?

Regards, Chris

09-13-2012, 18:58
I think you're on to something, Chris. The entire film is fogged, and the straight bars look suspiciously like frame overlaps, but without the accompying images. Shadows from the film reels most likely.


09-14-2012, 05:12
Hi to everyone, Well I put a B & W Film in the Retina, took a full roll of anything, varying light conditions inside and out flash etc, it was Agfa APX 100 stand developed in 1:100 Rodinal for 60mins. Fixed for 20mins. Result - a set of near perfect negatives not a hint of double exposure anywhere, I even left the camera on the winowsill for several hours in sunlight. The problem would indeed be down to a processing fault. It was Agfa Colour film 200ASA, purchased from one of our local pound shops, that usually has Kodak Colour film in but the other week had several boxes of this Agfa, I bought ten rolls and have had one film processed before this with excellent results. I have another film in a Cannon Sure Shot P & S which I will have developed at Tesco. I am going to tell them about the processing, suggesting they should check their equipment. I do'nt think thjey are Technicians though, just a couple of assistants who have been given training how to use the equipment, I reckon they can be a bit slapdash !!. Hi Chris, I dont think X Rays would be so uniform, I reckon Rick was nearer to the point with his process machinery belt & cog driven. I will mention it to the assistants, I shouldnt think it will make a blind bit of differnce though. The B & W Film has given me confidence in the camera, and I have another B& W Film in it as we speak.. Many thanks to all who gave advice, much appreciated.