View Full Version : Kiev in Krakow

Paul T.
10-17-2005, 16:20
People have asked about where to find Kievs in Poland before... today I found an address, airfares are cheap and we also need to get rid of a 'distasteful' thread, so I'd thought I'd put this on the record.

I found two great camera shops in Krakow. The first is more generic, fairly friendly assistants. I was looking for a Kiev - they had maybe 20 different 4 and 4a examples, perhaps earlier ones too. Huge choice, altho you feel all the soviet cameras have been part-exed against western ones, and are dusty and unloved. Shop is Foto Optyka, ul, Wislna 10. web www.dziela.sztuki.com.pl

Second shop is much smaller, but much cooler. I bought a 70s Kiev 4, got to choose the best lens, working shutter, working meter, for around $30, if memory serves. It's round the corner from the other one, rather more off the beaten track though, at zwieryniecka 10 or 16, set back in a little yard.