View Full Version : Post your "In The Vehicle" photos here

10-15-2005, 16:57
anyone ever take photos of things INSIDE your car? passengers, most likely? let's see them.. I'll start with a rather unusual shot for the driver to take.. of myself!

10-15-2005, 18:37
I like this idea :) Mine is almost on target..

Our family was visiting an old friend of my father's. This guy had two rugrats, fairly ill-disciplined, who ran around in their bare feet all over the dirt, mud, asphalt, etc. As we were leaving, they jumped into my little bro's new car, and stepped ALL OVER THE LEATHER. I couldn't stop laughing :D

jan normandale
10-15-2005, 20:44
Brett, I'm an ear nose throat expert. I can tell looking into you sinuses that you needed a decongestant on that day .. joke

what did you do? Velcro a camera to the hand brake release or drop it on the floor and the camera did a 'self release' ?

10-15-2005, 21:07
I just tucked the Contax T into the corner of my dash/windshield and hit the self-timer mode.. I might have to try tucking it into the other side of the windshield next time for a nice profile :D

ironically, you're right about needing the decongestant.. I've had a cold for a couple weeks now