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05-19-2012, 03:50

I'm currently searching for a lo cost foldable/tough rangefinder with a f2 lens. I wanted a carry-anywhere low priced camera that I can replace if things went wrong (I already have Leica gear -expensive! or other Contax/Exakta gear -hard to find in working condition).

More or less logically, I bought yesterday on evilbay a nice Retina 014. It is this one, with a Heligon (photo from the auction) :
http://s7.postimage.org/438atpwln/KGr_Hq_F_p0_E9e_FIsk9_YBPr_0_U2zw_60_12.jpg (http://postimage.org/)

But... I thought all post war Retinas had coated lenses. Today, looking closely to pictures on the net, I saw that coated Heligons have a red "A", this one does not. I will have to wait to know for sure.

What are your experience with uncoated Heligons/Xenons on Retinas, does it flare easily? Could you post links to pictures?

Is a hood really mandatory ? (it is not that practical with a folding camera...).

I have a pre war collapsible uncoated Sonnar for the Contax II/III and I is not that sensitive to flare. I was pleasantly surprised. I wonder if the Heligon is in the same league.

05-19-2012, 15:22
I think it may be coated and not marked.
My 014 has got a xenon.

Below two samples of heligon flares on a 016 w/heligon (i assume coated)


Beautiful lens.


05-19-2012, 15:42
That's a beautiful camera, logical or not.

05-19-2012, 19:48
Kodak made a little clamshell case that holds a hood and three filters, either in hard leather, or plastic. The hard leather one will hold the push-on hood your model requires, which is a Kodak 320. But most 32mm push-on hoods will work, as long as the bell isn't too big. The filters should be Kodak 32's, or 29.5mm in thread size from other manufacturers (Kodak had to be contrary and used the outer diameter to size their filters). The camera should close with a filter mounted.


05-19-2012, 21:57
It is coated, and probably made after Rodenstock dropped the "A" marking. It shouldn't have much problems with flare, but I still would suggest using a 32mm push-on sunshade.

If you're using Kodak's Retina filters, the camera should close with one on, as farlymac states. The Retina filters are slim.

05-20-2012, 01:11
Well, thank you very much to you all! That will help me.

I think I will be able to hunt for filters/hood (and an ERC) as I'm going to a very big international photo fair in two weeks. I just hope the Retina will be OK as advertised (but I rarely had problems with German sellers).